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Driven by Chef Tim Love

Tim Love Catering offers the unique experience of enjoying acclaimed Texas Chef Tim Love’s signature cuisine outside his award-winning restaurants. Starting as a favor for a few regulars at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, Tim Love Catering has grown into one of the country’s most dynamic catering companies, offering its bold flavors to the city of Fort Worth and beyond.

Meet the Leadership Team

An image of Brian Olenjack
Brian Olenjack

Brian joined the TLC Team in May of 2020. He is currently the Director of Culinary Operations for the Company. He gets the pleasure of creating and executing menus created for each of the Tim Love Concepts along with traveling to our multiple music festivals throughout the year. Brian also enjoys assisting the multiple restaurants with large parties.

An image of Jodi Gibbs
Jodi Gibbs

Jodi joined the TLC team in July of 2022. She is currently the Operations Manager for the Catering Team. She gets the pleasure of working with chefs to create custom menus for clients, book catering and work all of our offsite events. Her favorite thing about her job is getting to travel all over the states to help execute catering for multiple venues and festivals throughout the year.

Meet the Leadership Team

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What Customers Are Saying

“Great food and an amazing culinary experience. Chef Love never disappoints and the events are always spot on.”

-Ryan McCarthy

What Customers Are Saying

“Our dinner, from start to finish, was incredible! As self-proclaimed foodies, it may be one of the beat meals of our lives. Tim Love does not disappoint!”


What Customers Are Saying

“We have been huge fans of CTL for a long time and had him cater our Christmas party. Our coordinator made the planning process so easy, and they took the time to make a custom menu to fit our dietary restrictions.”

-Happy Customer

What Customers Are Saying

“We were thrilled and it was AMAZING. recommend highly - get your order in early and you won’t be disappointed. We will do this again. Thank you - wonderful.”

-Joe Nettleton

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